Monday, December 30, 2019


Youtube has too many "heel" channels. Here's the best bit of one of them-

One more, same channel. Sure, two videos of beautiful women fawning over a pair of boots, including multiple pull-ons. And all I can do is complain there aren't more.

Every header I wrote was too mean
It appears to be a legal requirement that a member of the Kardashian clan be somewhere on the television  24 hours a day.  In order to feed the mill, we get work-out/make-over shows like Revenge Body.  This must be the circus, as I'm sure bread is too fattening. Pay no attention to the fire, just enjoy the fiddle tunes.

I'm Honored

Share The.41st.Annual.Kennedy.Center.Honors.2018.1080p.edit.mkv - 231 MB
At the 2018 Kennedy Center Honors, Cyndi Lauper  performed in a....quirky...leather outfit of OTK'S and what appear to be bike shorts. And why not(insert generic girls-want-to-have-fun joke here)

It's not about Jason
For my wife, it's always about Jason Momoa, but for us it's about Heidi Gardner,  Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong in a variety of bootage.

Marco 1973

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Marco (1973) was on TV a lot in the mid-to-late 70's and then completely disappeared. It was one of those movies I'd scan the TV guide (ask grandpa kids) for every week, just to enjoy Aimee Eccles rompin' stompin' warrior-girl performance. I let the final segment run to long, but notice how modern the role-swapping message is. The boots themselves are never sensational, but the nostalgia factor makes this special for me. I've grown weary of waiting for a proper HD release, so here is a primitive .vob file I made years ago. 

A reminder-Lost Girl

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Journey back with me to the beginning of the decade. A magical time when it was quite reasonable to expect an "action girl" to wear a decent pair of knee-scraping boots. Here and below you'll find 3 clips and a link about 4 shows that simply, reliably and without much fuss delivered quality bootage on a weekly basis. I just realized I forgot to include a clip from Chuck (which probably provided the best heel action).
The downside of the current craze for stocking/legwarmer boots is that there doesn't seem to be the same day-to-day acceptance that we saw when the rider trend took off at the beginning of the decade. Wow, right now all I want to do is stare off into the clouds and do ANYTHING but try to finish this post.....That's a clear sign I need to hit "Publish" and move on.

A reminder-Nikita

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Of the shows we're looking at today, Nikita probably had the greatest variety of boots and outfits. Here's a simple leather fighting suit with a pair of knee-scraping flats that never required "stunt boots."

A reminder-Once Upon..
Virtually every episode from the first few season's of Once Upon A Time contained some interesting bootage. But Jamie Chung's black leather Mulan "armor" was a standout.

A reminder-Seeker

This wraps up our look at the golden age of Action-girl TV.  The great and magnificent Noel has created an entire sub-blog devoted to Legend of the Seeker and the jaw-droppingly great Mord-Sith.  I could certainly not do any better, so here's a link-

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Vince Camuto Leather Tall Shaft Boots - Kashiana on QVC

A tip from a reader. Yes, I agree, very nice indeed.

Refresh Your Wardrobe INSTANTLY! *10 Fall Items You NEED!*

A tip from a reader. FYI, I tend to share clips from individual youtubers on a case by case basis. The vast majority of you are respectful gentlemen who would NEVER creep on a young lady who's only on youtube to share fashion tips. The last thing I want to do is "lead wolves to the door." So remember, don't be jerk. Consider if it was your sister/mother/daughter and act accordingly.


From a reader. What I say up there, applies here as well.

Playing on "Moneyball" Team with Oakland A's Was a "Learning Experience"...

Is it a great outfit? No. Do I like it anyway? Clearly.

CELINE Fall 2019 Paris - Fashion Channel

I hope this isn't news to you, but just in case...Now, I won't say that the 2019/20 Fall collection by Celine was the "best ever." But for me it's certainly in the conversation.

A Ciara two-parter!0kQUES4a!8N8CKUAIb7BT_d9pYzlh68Kv4ECAf2b5PxfD20J3Nr0
We kick off this look at Ciara with a nice pair of red thighboots from a recent Christmas special.


Share motown.60.a.grammy.celebration.2019.1080p.edit.mkv - 155 MB
Sure Meghan Trainor tries, but this is all about Ciara channeling the spirit of Rick James.

I'm just here for the de-boot

Share The.Concrete.Jungle.1982.1080p.BluRay.edit.mkv - 349 MB
Sure the catfight and the final white pants/suede boots outfit are nice. But this clip is really just here for the de-boot scene.

Karla Martinez in boots? I'm shocked

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Do we NEED a 7 minute clip of the oft booted Karla in her stunning thighboots?  Need is such a relative term. We certainly have this 7 minute clip. I'm becoming comfortable trimming out big chunks of fabric boots, but's just always going to end up longer than it has to be.

From Early 2017

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The last part of this mix features a healthy dose of Mexican journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda(top picture). Some women really get boots and leather.  I shared a long interview with her and Ana Barbara here. On another day, I might wax rhapsodic, today is not that day.

Wrestling in OTK's

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Man, there is a lot of weird third-tier wrestling content out there. But, when one of the grapplers is wearing a pair of street (I not sure they qualify as fashion)  OTK's, I take notice.