Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vigon Sings The Harlem Shuffle, My Eyes Are Drawn To The Dancers' Boots

A reader turned me on to this one. Two nice dancers in 60's style thigh boots in the background on lovely platforms that raise the boots up to eye level. A nice little surprise to find in my in-box.

Hidden Camera Show Uncovers OTK's

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The hidden camera prank show Who Gets The Last Laugh (S01E02) managed to briefly display a decent pair of tan OTK's. Heel-heads will find little to like about these boots, but considering that most girls around here dress more like the pointing blonde in the third shot, I'll take a pair of faux riding style over-the-knee boots.

What my mid-adolescence looked like

The sweaters, the hair, the boots- this is what my last two years of high school looked like.

Frye Boots In The Big Sleep (1978)

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The Big Sleep (1946) is one of my favorite movies. Bogart and Bacall are so electric and the writing so snappy that you can overlook the fact that it makes NO SENSE.  In the 1978 remake they cast Sarah Miles in the Lauren Bacall role which is very definition of downgrade, but the newer film has two saving graces. The 1978 version makes sense and includes all the nicety of plot details omitted from the first. And in one scene Sarah sports a pair of (probably) Frye boots. She's nice enough to plop them up on a desk for close inspection. I'd venture that the tall campus Frye is THE iconic boot of the late 70's. This boot was everywhere in my high school and college campuses. If you're in your mid-50's you probably have some fond memories of these boots.

He's Back Baby!

Just in case you got out of the habit during the dog days of summer, the finest boot fashion blog on the interwebs is roaring back for fall. You don't want to miss a single post-

60's OTK's From An Unlikely Source

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From Thartharah fawq al-Nil (1971). Briefly glimpsed OTK's in a movie that would seem to have little opportunities for boots. An Egyptian movie about a river-boat floating down the Nile ranks pretty low on the boot likelihood scale. I must have seen something in a screen cap to make me give it shot.

Rocsi, In Thigh Boots, Again (Not That I'm Complaining)

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Another one from the vault- From 106th & Park, Rocsi boots up again, this time in a great pair of high heeled, black leather thigh high boots.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Upon Further Consideration--

---I've decided I will no longer be routinely announcing updates to my flickr stream here. If you enjoy pictures of booted women, you should cultivate your own favorites and people you follow on that site. I remain convinced that flickr's system of public favorites and followings is a great way for us to share our hobby. I WILL continue to add to my stream on a regular basis, I just won't announce it here.
One last time-

Another Villainess In Another Hulk Hogan Movie

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As it turns out, kids movies occasionally feature an adult villainess in boots and leather. Secret Agent Club (1996) actually predates the classic 3 Ninja's High Noon At Mega Mountain by two years. And while her outfit pales in comparison to Loni Anderson's brilliant crotch high boot and leather suit combo, it's not without its minor charms.  The hand crush scene will be of special interest to some.

Toofan Rani Is Just Too Much

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My collector's heart loves movies like this. Toofan Rani (1985) is one of a handful of Bollywood pot-boilers that feature a leather clad, ass-kicking heroine. I might like her suit (reminiscent of the one Tara King wore in that military academy episode) more than her boots. But I'm charmed by the scene where she drops explosive marbles onto the toes of her boots and then kicks them off to demolish  her targets.

Maureen's Thigh Boots Appear Again

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From Wild Wild West S02E09. Actually an earlier episode than the one featured here-In thigh boots she lets loose kraken,Once again we see Maureen O'Hara's thigh boots with the gold inserts. A friend brought this up, so I figured why not complete the set? For technical reasons this edit is a little looser than I'd like, but only by a few seconds here and there.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


AG appeared on SNL last night. Briefly in a skit dressed as SheRa she donned gold calf boots, not worthy of a cap by themselves. In her first performance, her pair of platform suede thighboots most certainly worthy. No boots in second perf.

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No Youtube this time

A June/July TV Flood

Doing a bit of early morning tubing, I stumbled across a number of boot segments produced in June/July of this year from what I presume to be South American TV programs. Some were completely dreadful. Some were well worth perusing. You'll find a few I found worthy below. I've always wondered if the southern hemisphere was 6 months ahead or behind in fashion. With winter in July are they reflecting "our" previous winter, or forecasting the upcoming one? I hope these segments are a glimpse into our near future.

A decent little fashion segment on over knees with live models.

In s shoe store, several decent OTK's and at least two shots of cuffing and un-cuffing boots.

At 25 minutes this segment runs a little long, but that the thumbnail alone should sell it for you.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Marc Fisher Leather and Stretch Over-the-knee Boots - Monica with Shawn ...

Not really a fan of Home Shopping clips, but....

Mixed Fashion From My Flickr Stream

A truly random assortment of SFW pics

Missy Peregrym in Knee Boots

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You won't often see knee boots and a skirt on this blog. You don't often see Missy Peregrym in any sort of boots. I've seldom seen an actress I like more than Missy Peregrym. And, as I've said, it's my blog. This scene from Rookie Blue (S01E04) involves a hooker sting (about the only way most cop shows EVER show boots-I can't believe it only took them 4 episodes to break out the undercover hooker cliche). Anyway, in this clip we get several mentions, close-ups and a pull off scene. All with an actress I REALLY like. So I'm more than willing to overlook any deficiencies in the boots, esp since many will find these boots more appealing than many I feature on my blog.

Shiny Thigh Boots From The 60's (well, '72)

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From Captives of Hate (1972) A number of nice full body walking scenes featuring an above average pair of shiny, 60's style thigh high boots. Also a vinyl filled dance number at the end with red knee boots.

Boots At Christmas In Italy

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From Vacanze di Natale a Cortina (2011), an assortment of the kind of over the knee boot that were fashionable for a brief, glorious period.  If you've ever owned a distinctive breed of dog, you know why I love seeing the St Bernard in this.

"Vintage" Dominatrix & Boots

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Blancanieves (2012) is a re-telling of Snow White set in Spain in the 1920's. If bullfighters wore boots instead of slippers, this would have been a much better movie. In any event, the wicked step-mother gets up to some kinky doings and acts as mistress of the hounds in some very impractical boots. Brief, but worthy.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Alma Indomable-A TeleNovela For The Ages

Alma Indomable was a TeleNovela that aired on Univision in 2009/10.  At one time or another virtually every character wore boots, but it was Lilibeth Morillo's portrayal of the bat-shit crazy-violent Abigail that pushes this over the edge. I normally don't like characters who are so eager to beat the maids with a riding crop or throw acid on people, but her fondness for black leather high-heeled thigh boots makes me willing to overlook these personality flaws.

It was a hell of a show. I made these clips back in 2010 and uploaded at least one of them to some long dead version of Celeboots. Time for Crazy Abigail and her boot friends to make a reappearance.

I don't really know the proper episode number for these. I just moved through my DVR in order and gave them a number to keep things straight, we've got two multiple episode sets called 1to5 and 6to10. I've got more floating around somewhere that I hope to prep and upload.

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