Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why Stuff Never Gets Done Around Here.....Again

One of the projects in the pipeline is an edit of 1983's The Wicked Lady. Yes, the Dr Who Lady Highwayman episode did move me to this action. Anyway, while looking for the poster for this movie, I learned that there was a Dutch lesbian rock band from the late 70's called Wicked Lady-

There might be boot-bloggers who could stumble across these three single covers and NOT investigate, but I'm not one of them.  It should come as no surprise that I have a fondness for leather clad rocker chicks. Fortunately, I'm learning my lesson. Brief searching lead me to the "back to the past" section of -

Well, I know a world class time-suck when I see one. I figured all I could do was bookmark it and promise to come back "someday" to fully explore.  The site itself doesn't have a lot of videos/pictures, but it does have names and info on loads of 70's and 80's rocker chicks I've never heard of.  If I let it, this could start a browser bloom of epic proportions.  And I got other things I gotta do right now. 

Christina Ferrare in Thigh Boots (or OTK's)
A bootcentric edit of three different segments of the Oct 29, 2015 episode of Home and Family. A close examination of the first part of the show reveals why I was reluctant to make the "high boots" call. The placement of the zipper and slightly different texture of foot and shaft made it possible that this was the Devil's Deception (ankle shoes paired with leather pants) As we saw later in the episode, Christina was indeed wearing proper thigh high/OTK boots. These boots are difficult to categorize. I wouldn't disagree with calling them either classification, short thigh boots, or tall OTK's. These are very, very nice boots and I think she wears them well.

Christina Ferrare is 65 years old. This is what she looked like exactly 40 years ago-
In an industry where many women over 50 look like a horror-show wax replica of themselves, I think Christina has aged magnificently well. She's been a fixture on local Los Angeles television for much of my life and it's oddly nostalgic to see her on such an old-fashioned show(which is very similar to a show she did 35 years ago).  She's 11 years older than I am, and she seems to be doing it "right." She appears comfortable in her skin, neither denying the passage of time, nor embracing premature dotage.  A 20 year old won't have any idea what I'm talking about, but if you're a certain age you know what a balancing act it is. And you may agree that Christina Ferrare is REALLY good at being 65.

Christina learns about safety
Christina Ferrare learns about Halloween safety in the unedited clip from the Oct 29, 2015 episode of Home and Family.  

Christina plays a game
A proper bootcentric edit of this segment was going to be a pain, so here's the complete segment. Rejoice those of you who dislike the "choppiness" of a bootcentric cut. From the October 29, 2015 episode of Home and Family, Christina Ferrare wears a lovely pair of black leather boots that are in the murky area between tall over the knee and short thigh high. Nomenclature aside, that's a great pair of boots.

Cristina talks to a dummy
From the Oct 29, 2015 episode of Home and Family, Christina Ferrare shows off in this bootcentric edit of a segment with a ventriloquist.

Friday, October 30, 2015

A Public Service Announcement

I'm sure you already know this, but the hard-working John Smith, creator of that bible of real-world bootage the JohnSmith14 blog, has been on fire this season.  When I say check it out everyday, I mean, CHECK IT OUT EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

 Seriously, visit it every day!


Last minute addition, for a brief moment, the internet looked like this-

I love the way that blogroll on the right looks.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Maisie Williams in crotch high boots

You may have known that Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams did a guest turn on Doctor Who as a highwayman(person/woman) in the episode The Woman Who Lived.

Doctor Who is a lot like Star Trek in that the original run featured loads of booted women and the "re-boot" was shockingly lacking. You can count the boots in both Star Trek Next Generation, et al and the new Dr Who on one hand.

You wouldn't think it possible, but they managed to mess up (mostly) Maisie Williams in high, high boots. Mostly, everything is TOO big. The shafts of the boots are too loose and she swims in the rest of the costume. If you told me this is the costume the towering John Cleese wore as Dennis Moore I'd believe it. (BTW the first scene actually made me think of "Lupines? You mean the flower lupines?)
I didn't expect her to wear a sexy pirate Halloween costume, but a tiny bit of tailoring would have gone a long way. Maureen O'Hara never dressed like a trollop, but she looked GOOD.
Costume aside, virtually all of her scenes (in this outfit) were filmed by candlelight. Atmospheric perhaps, frustrating to boot lovers?  You bet your ass.
Thankfully, the final scenes are shot at dawn and feature a very nice bit where she places her booted foot on the chest of a fallen foe.
Dr Who (s09e06) features boots that are too big, filmed too dark. Now that I've had some time to think, I'm planning to upload a shorter version with some slo-mo's and repeats.

More Cristina Ferrare

A reader found a picture (which I cropped)-

More info here, video soon (crazy-ass day)

Super Boots

The best (and most surprising) thing about the new show Supergirl is that they appear to be keeping her in these red, high-scalloped OTK's. The pilot aired a few night ago and it suffers from the lets-keep-things-dark mentality that mars most modern action shows (yes, I'm looking at you Arrow).  I understand the wire-work CGI action is made easier with a pitch black background, but why does the secret base have to be so underlit?

Anyway, decent beginning of  show that holds promise. Unless they decide that her secret identity is more interesting than her super one.
A sweet pair of boots and some good fight scenes highlight Supergirl (s01e01). Could somebody turn on some lights around here?

Super Slo-mo
From the pilot episode of Supergirl(see above).  When editing down the episode I was impressed by the lack of obvious stunt boots. Long-timers may remember how fanatical I can get about poor use of spats over sneakers or swapping out ankle shoes and stockings for proper boots. A frame by frame analysis strongly suggests the stunt woman wears a good proper pair of boots that may be identical to the "feature" boots.  As an experiment, I  decided to make a clip with some repeats and slo-mo's. This is it. It doesn't seem markedly worse then the un-re-encoded original. I'm out of the habit, but I might start doing it more often when the circumstances warrant. 

BTW-found this tumbler of Supergirl Boots-

More Blood, Less Oil
From Blood & Oil (S01E05). Some fetching shooting wear, a few ankle-shoe & shiny pants shots to remind us the battle is not won and thighboot blondie (I might learn her name some day) back in her thigh boots.