Friday, March 31, 2017

What obsession looks like

The still cap above is from 2003's Control Factor. I just stumbled across it on a private torrent site I belong to. If you lived through 2003 you know there is a 99.9% chance that Elizabeth Berkley is wearing some sort of long "boot-cut" pants with this fab leather jacket. I know intellectually that the chance for visible bootage in this movie is right about .01%(yes, 2003 was just that bad). If I download this movie I am certain to be disappointed.  Experience suggests that if I do download it, when I finally retrieve it from my seedbox, I'll have forgotten why I got it in the first place and it will clutter up a hard-drive until the end of time. Despite having gone through this literally 1000's of times, I CANNOT ignore Liz Berkley in a Sci-Fi-y leather jacket. It's like a sickness.

Of course, my obsessive need to tell people about it is a different kind of mania.

Addendum a few hours later:
Since I made such a big deal about it, I decided to get it out of the way. Those are more flares than boot-cuts, but this what I expected.


@micahgianneli ft/ @thigh_high_boots

Clearing out some browser tabs. There are some other worthy tidbits in this channel.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mixing it up
Today's mix comes from clips that aired back in October. We've got a fashion segment with a pair of knee-scrapers mistakenly referred to as OTK's. The leathered up Soska sisters present Halloween costumes. A fashion segment presents the right way to wear thigh-high boots in the office (because, you know, 2016). A musical number with gladiator boots that made the cut today, but might not have tomorrow (or yesterday).  The perfectly dreadful Kim Zolciak boots it up. At week 5 of the NFL season Wendi Nix wears her OTK's and fears the Atlanta Falcons might "collapse down the stretch." Oh they did Wendi, at the last possible, most painful moment. An audience member picks up the slack on The Real. We wind it up with a bootcentric Supergirl promo and a Fall shoe segment.

A proven axiom

Oh sure, NOW you turn on all the lights!
So class, what's one thing we know for certain?  That's right, "Evil Twins Wear Boots." We see this yet again in Legends of Tomorrow S02e16. Sadly the two evil twins aren't evil long enough, but there are several good fight scenes and general mayhem. My usual complaint, "can't these people afford light blubs?"  Since I only sample the CW super-hero shows I have no idea what's going on here. But Legends is about the only one (other than Supergirl of course) that has had a few decent moments this year. We'll see more as I move through my hard-drive.

Just when I thought it was safe..... stop monitoring shows, Kym Douglas on Home & Family, Catt Sadler on E News and Rosina Grosso, conductora of Titulares y Mas all wore over the knee boots yesterday. I could stay busy for a while.

Iggy Azalea - Mo Bounce

A variety of heeled thigh high boots flash across the screen at various times during this video. But it seems to me more about the booty than the bootie.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Little Mix - Touch (Official Video)

This just in, Little Mix appear to enjoy their boots. Many of you will find much to hate in this celebration of crotch-high sneakers.

Little Mix: Touch

No great surprise, Little Mix boots it up on James Corden.

March 29 Mix
In today's mix we have: supermarket boots from an "Awkward" Game Show, wonderful black leather thighboots from Cuentamelo Ya, Christina from Flip or Flop shows why she's the nation's best dressed house-flipper, and Kirstie Alley,  Patricia Manterola and the dancers from Venga la Alegria show off their fabric thighboots.

This clip REALLY shows off  wildly different source quality.  From my end all of these were processed identically.  "That Awkward Game Show" looks great and the dancer-cam from Venga la Alegria looks like shit, because that's how they came out of my satellite  box.

BTW-there may only be one problem with my new work-flow for processing my own caps. I do a lot of work for a single post. This was 6 different shows and it feels like I should get 6 posts out of it. BUT, it's still a lot less work to do these mega-mixes than to upload 6 individual, short clips.

Hate Tights?

Wear Thigh High Boots Instead


Back in December, the article above helpfully suggested that ladies who hate wearing tights in cold weather should switch to thigh-high boots. I completely agree with this sentiment and find it less ridiculous than the notion floated in 2003 that thighboots would become the "new pants." That being said, I've been doing this for a long time and I'm afraid that we're about 6 months away from thighboots only being mentioned in "can't wear that again" and "what were we thinking" articles.  That's how trends work. But it was fun while it lasted. I could be (and hope I am) wrong.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Case in point

One post down I complain of the apparent disconnect between real world bootage and the styles displayed in scripted TV shows. To illustrate-

Here's the costume Teri Hatcher wore on last night's Supergirl
Note disgusting ankle shoes
Here's what she wore in Paris last week-

More Here
Yes, it could be argued that costume designers and wardrobe departments haven't caught up with current trends. However,  because the thighboot (fabric ones is particular) were beginning to make a strong return over a year ago, I would posit that costumers were afraid the fad would pass before their creations made it to the screen. But I'm just pulling this out of my ass.

Monday, March 27, 2017

While I'm uploading

I was a busy little bee yesterday. I've figured out a decent workaround to the silent clips issue and spent a nice chunk of Sunday trimming down clips. Rather than twiddle my thumbs during the long upload, I figured I share a few thoughts.

For the time being my emphasis is going to be processing the news/daytime/ephemera that I've been capturing all winter.  Two reasons-First, I've spent the last few months toiling hours a day monitoring and deleting or capturing the phenomenal amount of bootage that's been on display this season. It would be anti-climatic for me to suddenly transfer my attention to vintage/feature-films/scripted-TV. I've developed a work-flow I'm comfortable with and it's a productive use of my time. If I bothered to pull a segment off my DVR back in November, it's 100% certain to be bootie.
Which brings us to the second reason. It's been a pretty bad year for scripted TV shows.  It was almost surreal.  The morning and afternoon would be full of thigh-high boots and it seemed like the second the sun set, out came the ankle shoes. Of course there were some exceptions, but in general, the evening shows were a disappointment. Well, the uploads are finished and posted. Now it's time to clear the decks and start all over again.

Not the first or last time for DA
The two Spanish Language morning shows were wonderfully bootie this year. These all happen to be from ¡Despierta América! Here we see a woman in leather thighboots and mini-skirt doing an ad for Walmart(because you know...2016). And a guest in a pair of mesh(?) thighboots that just make the grade because the shafts stand up on their own like a proper pair of thighboots.  Finally, Karla Martínez shows off a wonderful pair of plush, red velvet (?) thighboots.

La Banda
La Banda is an X-Factor knock-off that's been nicely bootie. Here's some dancers in red shiny thighboots, a singer in an above average pair of denim thighboots and in the final segment please enjoy Megamy Bowles and Danelly Hoyer (both 21 years old) in shiny white and brown thighboots respectively.

Mix Day 3
Please enjoy Aly Raisman, Catt Sadler, some "reality show personality," Sandra Endo, Lara Spencer and Natalie Morales in varying stages of bootiness.

BTW-I just learned that Laura Spencer (not Lara) is the name of the red-haired actress who played Raj's delightfully morbid girlfriend and was the only reliably booted character on The Big Bang Theory.