Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Where would you get such an idea?

I resent the implication that I'm so shallow and obsessed with meaningless numbers that I'd rush out a bunch of clips just so that my posting numbers for the month would be over 100 and my total for the year would be over 500.

I resent it, but not deny it. I still have a handful ready to go, but suddenly it doesn't seem so important.  I might not post again until next year. Or I might get bored.

Be Safe

Monster Brawl?

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It's hard to believe that Monster Brawl (2011)is a real movie. I love the comedy troupe Kids in the Hall and it's sad to see that Dave Foley had to take this job. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to have badly made-up classic monsters go at it in a wrestling ring. It's not. For us, it's (briefly) got some ring-girls in tasty heeled thigh boots, and a lady vampire (or something) in OTK's flats wrestling The Mummy. Really?

Sorry, no youtube.

Olivia Munn In Boots from 2009

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I miss Attack of the Show.  The way the show was shot, sometimes you might not get any good views of the hostess below the waist. This is a nice exception. BTW-Olivia is FANTASTIC (but seldom booted) in The Newsroom. I often think with un-earned pride that, "I watched her back when she was doing cheesy skits on basic cable."

Two Vinyl -Clad Hit Women

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From the German "Comedy" Killing is my Business, Honey (2009) two vinyl clad hit women do their thing.

Comedy Domme X2

These two clips are for educational purposes only.

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Cloris Leachman tops Harvey Korman in High Anxiety (1977).

Sorry no youtube.


A mere 33 years later Ms Leachman appeared in a Paranormal Activity parody for the People's Choice Award in 2010.

If you're in a huge hurry, Cloris appears at around 1:14. Ok, lets party!

Now That's A Pair of OTK's!

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From the short lived sitcom "The Goodwin Games" S01E05. Becki Newton briefly wears a magnificent pair of over the knee "day" boots.  My buddy JA knows what day boots are and I'm betting he'll agree with me that these are a fine example.

Great Lady, meh Boots

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The magnificent Erica Durance in average (at best) over the knee boots in Beyond Sherwood Forest (2009).

Suede Thigh Boots and a Gun
From Halbe Welt (1995). Not a bad pair of suede thigh high boots. Someday when I'm not doing a mass upload I hope to take a serious look at the relationship between bootage in high fashion, the popular media and the real world.  My gut tells me that in the late 80's-early 90's there was better bootage "on the ground" than reflected in mass media(a phenomenon I think we're seeing today).

A Singer In White Thigh Boots

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From some awards show on BET back around 2010. On a different day, I might spend a couple of hours trying to figure out who this is. Let me know if you know. Thanks to a viewer on my youtube channel I know now this is Keyshia Cole.

Hechos AM 12 de marzo Happily Divorced Fran Drescher

Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise." It the middle of a posting flood youtube suggests I might like this clip from Spanish-Language TV featuring an interviewer in very nice OTK's. For once youtube was right.

Boots In Desperate Housewives??!!!

I actually watched every episode of this campy, soapy ridiculous show.  Sadly, its anti-boot bias was pretty clear. It ran for 8 season and had a cast that was predominantly female, but the boot sightings can be counted on one-hand (maybe a hand and a half).  I knew we were doomed the year they had an outdoor, night-time Christmas block-party and the occasional light sweater was their only concession to the season. Anyway here are two times when boots did manage to make an important contribution. (these originally appeared on my youtube channel 2 years ago, I'm giving them the full blog treatment now)

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Lynnette tries on a pair of boots and finds it to be an near orgasmic experience. You'd think she'd wear them again.


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Gabby spends more than she should have on a TREMENDOUS pair of boots. Carlos need to lighten the f@ck up. 

More on Russian Boots

 In my previous post I shared a link to a video featuring a number of examples of the "Russian Boot" trend of the 20's and early 30's. I thought this would be a good time so share my paltry collection of artifacts and provide links to those who'd like to learn more.

As with all things boot-history related, the definitive source is AndyP's blog's. As you would expect he's written extensively on the topic and even created the Wikipedia page.

Russian Boot
The Ghost

In other posts he postulates the impact of the Russian Boot on the fashion boots that came after. For a full listing, please use the search function on his blog.

Below are some cartoons that appeared in Punch, the English magazine devoted to humor and satire. These showed up in my inbox about 10 years. I thanked the sender then, and if you're reading this now, thanks again.

These are two examples of Russian Boots from the mid-1920's While the blue pair does have an air of old-fashioned, the snakeskin pair is almost indistinguishable from a pair of late-70's/early 80's dress boots.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Boots - Boots - Boots - Latest Russian Boot Styles For Eve (1930)

Wow!-A short from a newsreel by British Pathe highlighting the Russian Boot craze of the 20's. Far and away this is the finest filmed record of the popular, but rarely photographed, trend.

Why Shit Never Gets Done Around Here

So, on Saturday I had blocked out a couple of hours to get some work done, maybe start digitizing my old VHS boot compilations or trimming down the new (and surprisingly booty) Mary Queen of Scots movie. I had The Hard Nut playing in the background and I thought, "that is the coolest Drosselmeyer EVER. I wonder what else he's been in? I'll just do a quick little web search and then get to work." Well this led to that and I stumbled across the image above from The Met's production of Rossini's Le Comte Ory.  The blood-hound had picked up the scent. I knew that I would be increasing rather than reducing my to-do list.
Opera has a long tradition of what are called "Trouser Roles"(people who like to giggle salaciously sometimes call them "trouser parts").  The world of opera is foreign to me, but given my fondness for women in period costumes badly masquerading as men, it is a topic of some interest. The picture above and to the left is of the Grammy-award winning  mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato in the role of the page Isolier.

So, hours later I knew much more about Le Comte Ory and Isolier and Joyce DiDonato. Much of it I will forget, but I found a few good videos and am still mulling purchasing the entire DVD. Sadly most of the other clips from Le Comte Ory on youtube are from productions where Isolier is un-booted. But here are a few clips of merit I unearthed. My first impulse was to make and upload my own boot-edits of these clips, but I'm shooting for less work, not more.

These two clips offer some above average views of Joyce's boots. I'm guessing the rampant bi-sexuality and implied menage a trois in this scene is not something that was in the original staging back in 1829.  But I know so little about opera I could be wrong.

The entire production is segmented on youtube but in a pretty poor 360p rip.

Here's a different complete production. Poor video quality, decent boots, ridiculous fake mustache.  Isolier has a good scene at around 18:40.

To wrap up, here's a Master Class at Juilliard that Joyce put on and was nice enough to wear suede knee boots.

Anyway, there's more stuff out there, this is a good starting place. My desire for completeness is losing to my urge to push the "publish" button and be done with this.

One last tip, do an image search for "Der Rosenkavalier Octavian"

Early (1968) Boots Over Jeans

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From Three in the Attic (1968), I indulge my fascination with early sightings of proper knee high boots worn over jeans.