Friday, January 29, 2016

"Smart" Boots
The delightful and under-used Amy Smart dons tan riders in House of the Rising Sun (2011).  There's also a brief look at a woman in OTK's locking lips with Danny Trejo.

Not THAT House of Cards
Briefly,  black boots on a blonde from House of Cards (2013). No, not the one with Kevin Spacey. This HoC is a cheesy Australian "team of elite assassins" movie that should have been bootier.

House Hunter Boots
I never want to sound like one of those old farts that thinks that the "olden" days were better. Here's two things from HouseHunters International that will make you fall in love with 2016 all over again, for the first time1. First, standard def TV captures look like shit. Second, in 2009 this knee-boots over jeans look was pretty rare and fashion forward.

1Please forgive this phrase. I blame Valentine's Day jewelry store commercials.

Dancing Boots
An edited version of Hoàng Thùy Linh's hit, Nhịp Đập Giấc Mơ (thanks for the knowledge internet).  Judging by the date, this is another HD editing test I did back in 2010 when my "new" desktop still was.

Here's a youtube version of the whole video-

Bollywood Boots
A bootie dance number from Hijack(2008)

How I Met Your Boots Part 9
We begin/finish our look at How I Met Your Mother with s07e14, a "thighbooted stripper who looks just like Lily" episode.  If you've been on the 'net for a while, you've probably seen other versions of these clips.  These are all my own edits. Looking at the creation dates, I'm guessing I went a little HIMYM crazy right after I bought my "new" HD capable desktop in 2010.
How I Met Your Mother (and "Lily" in particular) remain one of the longest running and consistently fashion bootie shows on TV.  Only a few stellar sightings, but a delightfully steady stream of bootage. I just discovered a well-seeded torrent containing the entire run of the show in high quality 1080p web-dl's.  I am SOOO tempted to download the entire thing, regardless of it's enormous 173GB. And then I'll get around to trimming them down.....wait for it......someday.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How I Met Your Boots Part 8
Boots from How I Met Your Mother s07e04.

How I Met Your Boots Part 7

Did you know that there were boots in How You Met Your Mother? This is s06e12.

How I Met Your Boots Part 6

I hope to have something coherent to say about How I Met Your Mother (this is s06e10) before this is all over. There's a first time for everything. 

How I Met Your Boots Part 5

From How I Met Your Mother s06e03. I have a soft spot for rough-out suede riders over jeans. Your results may vary.

How I Met Your Boots Part 4

It's a fact! Spaces and periods wreak havoc with alphabetical listings. That has nothing to do with the content of How I Met Your Mother s06e02.

How I Met Your Boots Part 3
From How I Met Your Mother s06e22. I would not argue with you if you said this is the show that gilded the golden age.

How I Met Your Boots Part 2
From How I Met Your Mother s06e07. I have no comment.

How I Met Your Boots Part 1

The begining/end of a How I Met Your Mother flood that must have seemed like a good idea when I uploaded them on Monday, now it seems silly and self-indulgent, but I'm forging ahead.
This is S06E04.