Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hate Tights?

Wear Thigh High Boots Instead


Back in December, the article above helpfully suggested that ladies who hate wearing tights in cold weather should switch to thigh-high boots. I completely agree with this sentiment and find it less ridiculous than the notion floated in 2003 that thighboots would become the "new pants." That being said, I've been doing this for a long time and I'm afraid that we're about 6 months away from thighboots only being mentioned in "can't wear that again" and "what were we thinking" articles.  That's how trends work. But it was fun while it lasted. I could be (and hope I am) wrong.


  1. I hope it doesn't happen as well, but am not optimistic. While I hardly live in a city that is fashion forward, this past winter has been puzzling. OTK boots have never been more popular in media/press, there is no end of YouTube "how to wear videos", and I have never seen so many OTK boots for sale in the malls - and yet the number of people I see wearing them in real life is far lower than the last few years. "shrugs"

    1. In my unfashionable corner of SoCal, I actually saw a resurgence of OTK's. Often it seemed like the boots from 2012 were being brought out again. I didn't really get out a lot this season, but I can safely say that I saw more OTK's on the street than any other year.


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